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"With the good earth all around"  &  "Where the impossible happened!"

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🌽 Biddick, Inc. has again planted Sweet Corn plots for us to enjoy & it is ready to be picked!!! 🌽
-- For Personal Use...Not For Resale --
As per their request, be sure to stop into The Friendly Place to place a donation in the 'Sweet Corn Donation' bucket pictured! 
- All donations are being given to Livingston-Clifton Fire Department and First Responders -
➡️ Note: This years' plots are located on Fayette Street...from The Friendly Place, take Barber Street away from Highway 80 (towards Storage Units), they are located at the very end/across the street from the Stop Sign (see attached map)! 



*** Recently we've had some issues in our Village Parks...
- The Maintenance Dept. has noticed an increase in dog feces that has not been picked up in all the Parks, please be mindful of your pets!
- A fairly new decent sized tree was stripped of its bark, the tree was killed due to the exposure and had to be removed.
- A LOT of mud was smeared and 'hand-printed' all over a bathroom shelter. Some clean up is fairly normal, but this was purposeful and quite excessive.
* Please use this to have a family talk on keeping our Parks clean & respecting these areas for us & others!
* Thank You, the Village Maintenance Dept. & Village Board


Note: Any Flag Can Be Dropped Off To Be Recycled!


Alternate Side Parking
November 1  to  April 1

Alternate side parking goes into effect November 1st until April 1st.  

- It goes by where you are parked from midnight-7am, so park on the EVEN numbered side on the EVEN numbered days and ODD side on the ODD days from during the time frame of midnight-7am. 

- Also, no overnight parking in the business district of Center St. during this time frame either.

Note: Cars incorrectly parked can and will be ticketed.


Bell Park Has Been Rejuvenated!

On June 8, 2015 the Livingston Park Preservation completed the install of the new play equipment & benches at Bell Park!

The Bell Park Project Breakdown: Play Equipment & Benches = $32,535.00
Install Misc. (concrete, woodchips, etc.) = $3,825.08
Total Costs = $36,360.08 ... Please still donate to the coin buckets & aluminum can drop-off...they have some costs to still cover (wood chips, base boards, etc.)!

Thank You to everyone that helped make this awesome project happen!


Familiar Faces. . . . .

Did you know it takes only three. . . .three loyal and hardworking employees to keep this village running on a day-to-day basis.  Christina, always eager to help you with a bright smile and confident knowledge of her job.   Clem, if he isn't sucking up leaves these days, he's hardworking at whatever "chore list" he has been handed for the day.  Gary, definitely a man required to wear many, many essential hats to keep this village running smoothly.  Stuff that would make your head spin, or your stomach churn, but he makes it all look so easy. 

PLEASE, take a moment and thank them for all that they do. We have a great team working for YOU. . . .the Livingston residents.  The next time you stop by the village office to pay your water bill.  Say THANK YOU, I appreciate what you do!  Next time you call the sewer plant with a complaint, end with THANK YOU, for listening to me and for your help.  Tell or show them you appreciate the work they do.

We always hear the negatives, lets not forget the positives! 
Cause we positively have the best team!

Christina, Gary, and Clem. . .


Title Banner Photo Credit: Cindy Knutson


Why should you become a member of the village website?

1 - Once a member, you can comment and participate fully on this site.

2 - Members will be notified by email of any sudden changes in garbage pick-up schedule, street repairs, etc.

3 - You will be alerted to any updates or entries to the website.

4 - Your email address will not be made public.

5 - Becoming a member keeps you informed and allows you (the resident) to reach out to the community & the community reaching back.

6 - It costs absolutely nothing...guaranteed free!

Village Office Details

Hours: Mondays & Thursdays                8:00am-4:00pm

Address: 220 W. Barber Ave.                  (P.O. Box 90), 

            Livingston, WI 53554

Phone#: (608) 943-6800

Email: [email protected]

** Clerk can be reached via phone/email on Tuesdays & Wednesdays!

220 W. Barber Ave., Livingston, WI 53554

"Village Happenings" Facebook Page (click link below)

Email Alerts 
From The Village

Members of the village website are urged to check your SPAM folder frequently to get important alerts and updates from the Village. Sometimes these alerts will go directly to your SPAM folder.  These alerts could effect anything from garbage pickup, community events to crime issues.   An email from the village will have WEBS.COM in the address. 
If you have trouble accessing the website, have questions or suggestions, please contact Kimberly Loeffelholz (608-778-4888).

Please be informed and safe!