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"With the good earth all around"  &  "Where the impossible happened!"

See below on how to become a Member!

Board of Directors:

President = Stephanie Anderson

Vice President = Shannon Straka

Treasurer = Sheila Ruchti

Secretary = Nancy Merwin

Active Members Include:

Greg Marsh

Deb Hill

Ron Haas

Jack & Jean Slack

Shelly Osterndorff

Greg Slack


Photos of L.C.I.C. Projects & Events


THANK YOU L.C.I.C. Members!

The Village Board would like to thank the LCIC members on their tremendous efforts to bring life back into the annual Livingston Festival. New members, new ideas, and a new beginning to this village tradition. Come out, support their ambition, by volunteering, donating money to the Festival, or just by enjoying the day with your family and friends...OR

Become an LCIC member.  Return the form recently mailed to each residence, or stop by the Livingston State Bank and pick up a form from Sheila Ruchti.

 Business Membership  $40.00

  Family Membership  $20.00

 Individual Membership $10.00

 Join today and together we can provide a safe, united community for all.

 Livingston Community Improvement Corporation


L.C.I.C. Current News & Events

--- For Meeting Dates & Times, Contact an Active Member (see list to the left) ---

* 2018 Festival Meeting *
Monday, May 7th
Livingston Public Library


*** 2017 Festival Raffle Ticket Winners ***
$ 200 Visa Gift Card (donated by Community First Bank - Livingston )
-- Toad Klein
$ 150 Beef Bucks (donated by Jon Dee Acres)
– Bill Straka
$ 100 Cash (donated by Collision Specialists SSE)
-- Arlen Sveen
Pedal Tractor (donated by Catholic Financial Life - Paul & Deb Hill)
-- The Friendly Place
Congrats to all the 2017 winners & Thank You to all those that donated the prizes!!!




* The Food Pantry is in Need of Donations

(see list below for items needed)


* Winners of the 2016 Festival Raffle...
- Zachary Kelley- Toy Pedal Tractor donated by Catholic Financial Life- Paul and Deb Hill. 
- Tim Loeffelholz- $ 200 Visa Gift Card donated by Livingston State Bank. 
- Betty Schambow- $ 150 Beef Bucks donated by Jon-Dee Acres LLC. 
- Jay Stuckey- $ 100 cash donated by Collision Specialists SSE.
- Bart Baker- $ 100 Gift Certificate donated by Rebel's Bar and Grill.
- Bennett Nechvatal- $ 50 cash donated by Livingston Co-Op.

Congratulations and Thank You to all who donated prizes and who purchased tickets!!


* Results of the L.C.I.C.'s 2015 Christmas Decorating Contest...

"Children's Delight"= Vince & Billie Jo Walmer   ...   

"Most Unique/Creative"= Bob & Shirley Place  ...  

"Most Spectacular"= Clem & Phyllis Wiegman    

~~~   Congrats To All The Winners!!!


* Spring of 2015 ... Installation of new play equipment at the Sports Park (next to Twisters Gymnastics)!     

The equipment was purchased with profits from the 2014 Livingston Festival and also donations were given from LCIC, Iowa-Grant Lions Club, and the Rewey Lucky Stars 4-H Club.             Volunteers to install it were from the LCIC & I-G Lions Club.